Software Components

Grassroots Economics Software Components

This is a non-exhaustive list and summary of software components written by Grassroots Economics.


componentmaintainersupporttechcomplexitymaturity (opens in a new tab)Lum-react/tsmidlo

Smart Contracts

erc20-demurrage-token (opens in a new tab)LouisSohailsolidity,pymidhi
eth-token-index (opens in a new tab)LouisSohailsolidity,pymidhi
eth-faucet (opens in a new tab)LouisSohailsolidity,pymidhi
cic-contracts (opens in a new tab)LouisSohailsolidity,pymidhi
eth-accounts-index (opens in a new tab)LouisSohailsolidity,pymidhi
eth-address-index (opens in a new tab)LouisSohailsolidity,pymidhi
eth-contract-registry (opens in a new tab)LouisSohailsolidity,pymidhi
erc20-transfer-authorization (opens in a new tab)LouisSohailsolidity, pymidlo
custodial-registration-proxy (opens in a new tab)Sohail-solidity, pylohi
erc20-pool (opens in a new tab)LouisSohailsolidity, pymidmid
erc20-limiter (opens in a new tab)Louis-solidity, pymidmid
price-index-quoter (opens in a new tab)Sohail-solidity, rustmidmid


ge-publish (opens in a new tab)Sohail-golomid
chainlib-eth (opens in a new tab)LouisSohailpythonhihi
celo-bootstrap (opens in a new tab)SohailLouisbashlohi

Custodial System

cic-custodial (opens in a new tab)Sohail-gohimid
cic-chain-events (opens in a new tab)Sohail-gomidmid
cic-ussd (opens in a new tab)Philip-nodejs/tshimid
cic-graph (opens in a new tab)SohailPhilip,Lumsqllomid
cic-notify (opens in a new tab)Sohail-gomidlo

Internal Libraries

celoutils (opens in a new tab)Sohail-golohi
w3-celo-patch (opens in a new tab)Sohail-gohihi

External Libraries

  • The GE dev team actively contributes back to these code repositories
chainlib-eth (opens in a new tab)LouisSohailpymidhi
chainlib (opens in a new tab)LouisSohailpymidhi
asynq (opens in a new tab)Sohail-gohihi
africastalking (opens in a new tab)Sohail-golomid
locale (opens in a new tab)Sohail-gololo


celo-node (opens in a new tab)Sohail-dockerlohi
cic-stack-publish (opens in a new tab)Sohail-dockerlomid